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Committees Overview

Career Development Committee

The mission of the Career Development Committee is to provide students with useful knowledge on practice opportunities, practice purchase expertise and practice management guidance to facilitate their ability to enter professional practice; develop a program that facilitates every optometrist with fifteen years of private practice experience to take on a young graduate in partnership and be financially feasible to both parties; continue practice opportunity resource center at the Florida Optometric Association office similar to the program sponsored by the American Optometric Association; and continue a financial / professional consultation subcommittee to speak with students during the third and fourth years.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee obtains nominations from the membership of the Association; reviews and selects worthy candidates for special recognition; and reviews existing awards, revise criteria, and create additional awards.

Building & Staff Committee

The Building & Staff Committee develops an ongoing plan for building maintenance and improvement and signage on the building and property and develops an ongoing plan to upgrade and maintain office furnishing and equipment. The Executive Director is charged by FOA Bylaws to develop a staff of qualified, well-trained individuals to accomplish the goals of the Florida Optometric Association; provide training to all members of the staff to improve their skill and expand their capabilities; keep an office manual with job descriptions and responsibilities for each staff position and update as needed; and conduct regular reviews to enhance the performance of the Executive Director.

Children’s Vision Committee

The mission of the Children’s Vision Committee is to serve as optometric advocates on pending legislation related to children’s vision care in Florida in conjunction with the Legislative committee; to promote optometric efforts in providing accessible, complete vision care for patients from infancy to school age; to articulate organized optometry’s policy statements on vision screening or children’s eye care, when necessary; to support AOA’s national efforts on the state and local levels to promote CE and certifications related to children’s vision; to provide information and resources to local societies on issues related to the children’s vision care to include advisory roles to public and private schools, eye safety and visual issues of children with disabilities; to assist the professional Relations committee in interfacing with organizations related to children (Healthy Kids, Operation Head Start); and to respond to issues and questions associated with vision therapy.

Convention Committee

The mission of the Convention Committee is to develop a program to assess the priorities of Florida Optometric Association members with regard to education, locations, dates and activities; evaluate the impact of the “no fee” convention and the impact on future conventions; increase industry relations and involvement with data from the recent “no fee” convention. Record attendance translates into more exposure in the exhibit hall; coordinate with the Education Committee, the CE schedule and how it impacts attendance at other Florida Optometric Association functions; utilize the Association’s computer system to build a database of information to assist the convention chairman each year; utilize the Florida Optometric Association Staff to coordinate convention details and volunteer staffing that is needed/recurring; and implement a pre-convention training program for local volunteers and staff to determine on-site needs.

Education Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to develop and integrate all levels of continuing education to meet the needs of our members and to parallel the legislative objectives. The educational goals should encompass traditional optometric continuing education with emphasis on patient care, clinical skills and practice management as well as specific educational programs leading to various levels of certification. The Education Committee should also develop meaningful programs to enhance the clinical skills and front office capabilities of paraoptometrics and develop educational materials to promote optometry to patients, the public and the members of state and federal legislatures.

Finance Committee

The mission of the Finance Committee is to develop a financial plan that is fiscally responsible; evaluate reserves and determine whether monetary levels are appropriate for the Florida Optometric Association and make recommendations for any needed change.

FLOAT Committee

The mission of the FLOAT Committee is to maintain a position of readiness to respond to the needs of Florida Optometric Association colleagues in time of disaster; and report to the Board of Trustees prior to the annual meeting of any assistance rendered and the balance of funds available to render assistance.

Health Information Technology/Exchange Committee

This committee has two components that are inherently inter-related.

The Health Information Technology (HIT) portion monitors all changes that relate to the hardware and software that affect the Optometric Physician and practice. Any technological advances that affect how the physician cares for patients and/or run their office fall into this portion and it relates to HIT.

The Health Insurance Exchange (HIE) portion monitors how each Optometric Physician’s office communicates with third party payers. Once patient/office information is compiled, then how that information is communicated to the third party payer for reimbursement falls into the HIE portion. Currently, Florida has not pursued development of Health Insurance Exchanges pending who wins in the next election. Regardless, health care reform is moving forward and this committee will monitor the government’s position as it rolls out.

Industry Education Support Committee

The Industry Education Support Committee provides outstanding meetings and services and remains fiscally responsible in the conduct of all business, and increases industry relations and involvement with data from the recent “no fee” convention. Record attendance translates into more exposure in the exhibit hall.

Judicial Council Committee

The mission of the Judicial Council Committee is to maintain a constant review and awareness of legal issues that might affect the Florida Optometric Association; actively educate and enforce antitrust guidelines; investigate the merits of legal action that may impact the profession of optometry; and provide Legal Counsel for Association members.

Legislative Committee

The mission of the Legislative Committee is to identify and promote legislative agendas that will serve to enhance and protect the visual health of our patients and the practice of optometry in the State of Florida.

Membership Development Committee

The mission of the Membership Development Committee is to develop programs that convey to optometrists that membership in the Florida Optometric Association is a cherished asset and vital to the continued existence of optometry; improve communication with members and non-members regarding the benefits of membership in the Florida Optometric Association; and increase interaction with students and faculty at NSU.

Membership Services Committee

The mission of the Membership Services Committee is to develop programs to provide tangible returns to members for their membership in the Florida Optometric Association; develop volunteer and leadership programs that will afford and encourage all Florida optometrists to become involved in the Association; and reward volunteers with visible recognition for their efforts.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is comprised of one member from each affiliated local society/association. The President of the local society/association who served as President for the year just prior to the FOA Annual Meeting should be the representative. The Chairman of the Board of this Association is the chairman of this committee, and should remain neutral in the nominating process. The Nominating Committee mission is to prepare a slate of nominees for election to office in this Association which shall be posted at the annual meeting no later than 24 hours in advance of the time of election. The report of the Nominating Committee should not preclude any Active or Distinguished Member from making a nomination for any office from the floor.

Ophthalmic Professional Committee

The mission of the Ophthalmic Professional Committee is to review the activities of paraoptometric personnel in an optometry office and develop meaningful continuing education to satisfy the requirements of the optometrist; and develop continuing education programs that would allow members paraoptometric staff to receive COA certification.

Resolutions Committees

The Resolutions Committee is comprised of three (3) or more members who are appointed by the President. It is the duty of this committee to receive, prepare, and disseminate resolutions and present same for action to the membership assembled at the Annual Meeting.

Strategic Planning Committee

The mission of the Strategic Planning Committee is to develop a long-range plan with progressive and attainable goals to keep pace with the constant changing environment that faces optometry to be reviewed annually; appoint a committee of experienced and forward thinking optometrists to develop and monitor the long-range plan; develop a system to monitor the progress of the long-range plan and report the ongoing status at the Regional Board of Director meetings and at the Annual meeting; and modify the long-range plan on a regular basis to meet the changing environment and insure the committees are made aware of the new goals and objectives.

Third Party Committee

The mission of the Third Party Committee is to 123123 to ensure optometrists have fair access to all third party health and vision plans, both public and private, serving patients in the state of Florida. The committee also strives to ensure equitable reimbursement for services performed within the scope of practice of a Florida optometrist, commensurate with the reimbursement for other healthcare providers performing the same services.

Vision Rehabilitation Committee

The mission of the Vision Rehabilitation Committee increase participation and optometric influence in the Division of Blind Services; and insure activities and information concerning the Division of Blind Services is made available to the interested membership of the Florida Optometric Association.

AAO/Florida Chapter Liaison

The AAO/ Florida Chapter Liaison’s endeavor is to increase the awareness among Florida optometrists of the honor and prestige associated with being a member of the American Academy of Optometry.

AOA/PAC Liaison

The AOA/PAC Liaison’s endeavor is to pursue and support optometry’s national objectives without impacting the efforts in Florida; appoint the AOA PAC chairman to the committee; increase AOA PAC involvement in Florida; and appoint a politically active member of the American Optometric Association and the Florida Optometric Association to serve as liaison.

Division of Blind Services Liaison

The Division of Blind Services Liaison’s o endeavor is to attend meetings and receive communications from the Division of Blind Services.

InfantSee Liaison

The InfantSee liaison’s endeavor is to increase participation and optometric influence in the InfantSee program; and insure that optometry is recognized as the primary care choice for children’s vision.

Medicaid Liaison

The Medicaid Liaison’s endeavor is to analyze, maintain and expand the role of optometry as the primary eye care provider for Medicare patients; develop training programs to assist our members in the proper procedures to be followed when participating in the Medicare program; and retain the services of a Medicare consultant for the purposes of educating and communicating with FOA members with regard to Medicare billing and compliance issues.

CAC (Medicare) Liaison

The CAC (Medicare) Liaison’s endeavor is to analyze, maintain and expand the role of optometry as the primary eye care provider for Medicaid patients; actively participate with the state officials who administer the Medicaid program and provide input on the problems and shortcomings of the program; and lobby the Medicaid administrators to establish fees consistent with the fees established by Medicare.

State Regulatory Board Liaison

The State Regulatory Board Liaison’s endeavor is to monitor each meeting of the Florida Board of Optometry to remain current on the activities of the Department of Health and the Florida Board of Optometry; maintain an active presence in order to respond to issues of particular interest to the Florida Optometric Association; appoint at least two active members of the Florida Optometric Association to serve as liaison to the State Board of Optometry; establish an active working relationship between the Department of Health, the State Board of Optometry and the Florida Optometric Association Liaisons; educate the staff of the Department of Health on optometric issues that are of particular interest and benefit to the health and welfare of the citizens of the State of Florida; and work diligently to insure the Florida Board of Optometry has absolute authority to regulate the practice of optometry within the constraints of the Florida statutes. The State Regulatory Board liaison should also monitor the activities of the Florida Board of Medicine and the Florida Board of Opticianry.

Workers’ Comp Liaison

The Workers’ Comp Liaison’s endeavor is to actively participate in the state organization responsible for administering the Workman’s compensation program and insure that optometry has a primary eye care role in the delivery of services to patients with work related health problems; continually monitor the activities of the agency responsible for administration of the Workman’s Compensation program.; and insure the reimbursement levels under the Workman’s Compensation program is equitable and consistent with the services provided.

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