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La Famiglia- It’s about “The Family”

It is truly an honor to serve as your FOA President!

Throughout my many years as an FOA member I have had the opportunity to witness, and serve with some of the greatest leaders and visionaries in our profession. Many of whom have passed, and many of whom are still working hard for our profession. As we continue to move forward it is important to me to look backward and pay respect to those who have gone before us and who helped forge our profession into what it is today. Optometry owes them all a great deal of gratitude!

This year’s convention theme, La Famiglia, and the theme throughout my presidency is about the family, the FOA Family. We need the FOA family to bring us over the hurdles we are facing and fight for our patients’ access to eyecare.

We will have many challenges in the upcoming year, and if history has taught us anything, especially FOA history, many of these challenges will be unforeseen. We can count on it. But with every new challenge brings a new opportunity. Your FOA Board will continue to exploit these opportunities and capitalize on them.

We just completed the presidential planning retreat where the roadmap and direction of the FOA was set for the upcoming year while bearing in mind our mission statement. Before us lies a magnificent opportunity to provide greater access to eyecare for our patients throughout the state. We cannot do it without the help of the family. So, as I make my way throughout the state, I will be soliciting 3 requests:
1) Please take the on-line oral therapeutics course
2) Please become a sustaining member of OD-EYEPAC
3) Please recruit 1 non-member

Our success as an association is only as good as the power of our membership. Only with the help of the entire FOA family, we will be able to truly provide our patients with the complete access to eyecare that they deserve. Our patients are counting on us!

I look forward to the exciting year ahead and welcoming many new members to the FOA Family!

Barry J. Frauens, O.D., F.A.A.O.
President – Florida Optometric Association

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Click here to download the Ophthalmic Professional Lecture Notes 

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